Advantages of fitting GP Contact Lenses


Advantages for the Practitioner


No need to be told what to fit your patient or what to charge. There is no brand consciousness with GP lenses. You are the expert in charge of eye care, you recommend what is best for your patient!


Advantages to the Patient


Better visual acuity than soft lenses.


If a start is made at an early age (7-12) myopia progression can be slowed down, in some cases completely arrested, and in some cases even retarded, if used on a consistent daily basis.


Low maintenance cost.


Less prone to deposit acquisition.


Will not turn inside out.


Not affected by fungal growth or iron deposits.


No tearing or getting stuck folded.


Handled with care, the lenses will last much longer.


Most important is the enhanced oxygen supply to the cornea,


which is received through the matrix of the permeable material,

and in addition, through the tear pump action, due to its unique

design, maintaining a healthy cornea.


What about Lens Awareness?

It is true that the lens awareness, in the initial stages, is heightened due to the traverse of the upper lid over the edge of the lens with each blink. This is overcome within 3-4 days of wear as the lid gets accustomed to the passage over the lens edge. Once this is achieved, the GP lens is equally comfortable.


Try fitting large diameter lenses say 10.6mm in 100Dk Boston material lens for better comfort.


Remember, what the patient calls “pricking sensation” is not the pricking of the eye, but awareness of the lid passing over the edge of the lens, large diameter lens will have less edge awearness.