Ali’s 55 with Glycerol Methacrylate


High purity Glycerol Methacrylate material, developed to give enhanced performance specifically in response to demands from contact lens users.

Lenses are extremely durable and can be worn for variety of regimens due to the materials very high water retention characteristics. The comfort level and high water retention makes the lens ideal for:


• Dry Eye condition.


• For wearers exposed to VDU radiation.


• For wearers working in Air Conditioned environment.


The lenses have also quickly found favour with wearers prone to protein deposition on lenses as it has been found to be extremely resilient to protein build up. The other advantages include:


• UV blocker (blocks harmful ultra violet radiation).


• Visibility tint (handling tint).


• Non-Ionic (resists deposits).


• Durable & Resilient (new formulation makes the material highly durable and resistant to



• Comfort (material qualities combined with Flexilens unique lens design makes for a high level

  of comfort).


Material Specification


• Nature : Terpolymer based on Glycerol Methacrylate.


• Water Content : 58% @ 20°C


• Optical Transmission : 95% minimum


• Oxygen Permeability : (DK) 21.5 (16@ 35°C).


• Tensile Strength : 6.61 Kg/cm².


• Elongation to Break : 212