Aliís Si-Hy

The material is a benchmark for a new generation soft lens material and has many advantages over the conventional high water content material such as AliSoft 88 which had a Dk value of 43 (Dk/t).


Aliís Si-Hy (AliSoft Silicone Hydrogel)

Unique Surface Quality.
High Level of Gas Transmission (Dk/t > 75).
Exceptional on Eye Water Retention.
Inherently Wettable Surface.
Excellent Stability.
Good Visual Acuity.
Outstanding on Eye Comfort.



We appreciated the Si-Hy material enough to want to replace FlexiSoft 88 with AliSoft Si-Hy which will be done over a period of time.


Prescription Corneal Bandage Paediatric Aphakic Scleral Bandage.