GP Torics


AOLD supply a range of toric lenses used to either improve the fitting of a spherical lens or give better visual acuity on an astigmatic cornea. DTCL have expert consultants who can advise and help with these types of lenses using specialist software programs. These software programs provide a high degree of predictability and accuracy often giving a good fit and vision with the first lens.


We provide the following types of toric lenses:

FRONT SURFACE TORIC – A spherical back surface with a front surface cylinder to correct residual astigmatism. Stabilization is necessary to maintain the correct cylinder axis.


TORIC PERIPHERY – A spherical back optic zone radius with toric back peripheral radii. It is used to provide stability and to fit the cornea when peripheral toricity is significantly greater than the central cornea area. The front surface is usually spherical.


BACK SURFACE TORIC – This design is where both the central and peripheral back surface radii are toric with a spherical front surface. The lens stabilization is dictated by the lens radii aligning with the principal meridians of the cornea.


BITORIC – Both central and peripheral back surface radii are toric combined with a front surface cylinder to correct induced astigmatism. Induced astigmatism is created when a normal toric back surface is placed on a toric cornea and is against the rule if the corneal and spectacle astigmatism is with the rule. Stabilization is usually needed to ensure correct orientation of the cylinder axis

Ali’s Eye Care are happy to calculate lens designs, if needed, from empirical data supplied by the practitioner.

Delivery time: 20 to 30 days