Welcome to Ali’s Ophthalmic Lens Division


Welcome to Ali’s Eye Research - AEC, the silent partner in your Contact Lens practice. We are far more than just a contact lens supplier – in addition to our wide range of contact lenses, we also manufacture and supply contact lens solutions and a variety of accessories for contact lens wearers. We also provide a comprehensive range of services for contact lens practitioners.


We at AEC pride ourselves in providing lenses of the highest quality from the best materials available today in the world. World class manufacturing process incorporates checks at every stage, to ensure that lenses are checked under highly strict conditions to exacting tolerances.


In this folder you will find information on the full AEC range of products. We have also included various other items of information that we hope you will find useful. Should you have any comments or suggestions on the material or our products we would be glad to have your feedback.


Placing Orders

In order to ensure that AEC receives and processes your orders as efficiently and accurately as possible, and thereby save you time and aggravation, please follow these simple guidelines.


Place Orders by Telephone, Fax or e-mail

Our address, telephone numbers, email address and fax number are given on the front page of this document, and you may use any of these methods to place orders with us.

All orders received on telephone are repeated back to the caller in order to avoid errors. Your and our time can be saved by listening carefully to the order being repeated.

Including the patient’s name or a patient reference with every order is useful when the need arises to enquire about the order.


Rush Orders

We cater to urgent orders. Urgent orders are given priority, and will be charge extra 30% on our regular price.

24 Hour Telephone Service

Between 9 am and 6 pm, on working days, your calls are attended to personally, however most practices and clinics work till much later, and find it convenient to place their orders immediately, rather than wait till the next morning. Answering machines are in operation on 32005548 6.30 pm to 9.00 am all working days, and full time on all holidays.

To record your message:


1. Make a call in the normal way.


2. On getting a connection you will hear a recorded message.


3. At the end of the message you will hear a tone signal.


4. Start speaking only after the tone signal ends.


5. Your message should start with the Name of the Practice or Practitioner. Followed by Patient reference, if any, your Prescription (lens order), the Material & Tint to be used, and special instructions, if any. Speak slowly and clearly so that the message is clearly understood. All messages are attended to first thing in the morning, the next working day.


Special Lenses and Services

Service Lenses

Lenses are frequently received without adequate identification or instructions regarding the service required. Please ensure that the lens has sufficient identification, as without this the lens cannot be returned to you. Enclose clear written instructions of the work to be carried out. The list of Services Provided is contained in this folder (see Price List section).


Special Lenses


Soft Bandage lenses and Prosthetic lenses see separate leaflet in this pack.


Soft Cosmetic lenses and special effect lenses please call us.


PMMA and Soft Colour Correction lenses see separate leaflet in this pack.


Super specialty Lenses

Some super specialty lenses are imported from our partner labs in the USA, hence the orders may take extra time for delivery.

If the lens required is for masking light corneal opacity and is less than 10.00 mm overall diameter, fitting can be carried out using a standard hard lens trial set, to assess the required prescription lens. Dark Brown can be considered for an eye with vision, however keeping in mind that the light transmission will be considerably reduced and a soft Prosthetic may present a better alternative. For an eye without vision Opaque Black lens could prove suitable.


GP Continuous Curve Lenses with Constant Axial Edge Lift


Constant Axial Edge Lift (CAEL) lenses, a further refinement of the multi-curve lens design, can be applied to any Gas Permeable material. There are several advantages:


1. Multi-curve Lenses consist of, other than the Back Central Optic Radius (Base Curve), three or more peripheral curves. The lenses follow the natural flattening of the cornea better than bi-curve or tri-curve lenses and, when the curves are well blended, are like Continuous Curve lenses.


2. Constant Axial Edge Lift lenses, in addition to the advantages of the Continuous Curve lenses, give a constant linear clearance between the cornea and the edge of the lens, over the whole range of Back Central Optic Radii.


3. The Axial Edge Lift of the peripheral curves is calculated to remain constant for all Radii.


The result is better tear exchange essential for maintaining a healthy cornea, less lid irritation, facilitating easier lens adaptation and overall comfort are some of the contributing factors to the success of the CAEL lenses.


Delivery Challans and Invoices

For your and our convenience


All lens deliveries are accompanied by “Delivery Challans”. Please retain these till you receive the invoice at the end of the month, so that you can check the accuracy of the invoice, against deliveries received by you during that month.

You will receive an invoice at the beginning of each month, for supplies during the previous month.

You can forward your cheques to us either on receipt of the invoice or by the 15th of the month. In case of hand deliveries, you can hand over your cheques to the delivery person.

If you make a cash payment at the time of delivery, please insist on writing on the receipt challans “Cash Paid” and mention the amount paid. At the same time ask the delivery person to sign your copy of the challan “Cash Received” and the amount received.


Your co-operation will help ensure a smooth operation and help us to serve you better.


Help us to help you !!!