Paediatric Aphakic



Considering the need of the hour, for an advanced polymer matrix, providing unique surface qualities, and high level of gas transmission, needed for Paediatric Aphakic lenses. We are offering these lenses, made of Silicone Hydrogel Soft Lens material AliSoft Si-Hy

Rather than made of AliSoft 88.


The change is brought about to offer advantages of exceptional on eye water retention giving inherently wettable surface combined with excellent stability (No on eye de-hydration) and excellent visual acuity offering outstanding on eye comfort

Designed for ease of fitting and maximum patient comfort. The high water content allows ample fluid diffusion and the high gas transmission value allowing increased oxygen transmission (50% higher oxygen flux than non-therapeutic lenses).


With an added advantage of still being able to use your existing AliSoft 88 Paediatric Aphakic Trial Set for evaluation of fitting parameters of AliSoft Si-Hy Lenses the price difference being marginal for the advantages gained.