Trouble Shooter for Rigid Lenses (Subjective Findings)







Ache (deep).

Tight lens.

Remove lens. Recheck “K” after 4 days. Flatten BC

Burning (hotness).

Tight lens. Corneal periphery flat. Chemical Deposit.

Re-blend PC or flatten BC.

Clean lens.

Cutting pain.

Chipped edge or tight lens or

foreign body under lens.

Inspect edge. Clean lens.

Difficulty in looking up.

Poor edge. Lens too small.

Check edge and/or increase OD.

Distortion of vision.

Lens tilting – too small or too flat.

Make larger or steeper lens.

Excessive lacrimation.

Usual in adaptation. Rough edge or bad fit.

Check edge. Refit.

Fluctuating blur.

Excessive lacrimation (in early stages normal)

Check lens movement & position.

Fogging (late).

Tight or dirty lens. Dry lens surface. Poor blinking.

Reduce OZ. Flatten BC or reduce OD. Clean lens. Advise proper blinking.

Hazing, Halos, Fogging.

Inadequate tear exchange. Tight or dirty lens. Corneal oedema. Poor fit.

Reduce OZ. Flatten BC or reduce OD. Clean lens. Refit.


Uncorrected refractive error. Distorted or warped lens.

Check refraction. Replace lens.


Possible allergy to solutions. Build up of deposits on lens. Dirty lens.

Change to solution with different preservatives. Clean lens.

Lid oedema.

Lagging lens. Rough edge or lens too flat.

Check edge. Refit with steeper BC.

Pain after removal.

Corneal oedema or abrasion lens too tight.

Reduce OZ. Reduce OD or use flatter BC.


Tight lens. Lens too flat. Foreign body stain.

Refit lenses. Clean lenses.

Reading blur.

Overpowered minus. Poor centration.

Over refract. Correct centration.

Reduced acuity (initial).

Residual astigmatism. Wrong lens power or +ve or –ve tear lens behind the CL due to steep or flat fit.

Refract through CL. Check fit & if necessary refit.

Reduced acuity (late).

Warped lens. Switched lenses.

Check BC & BVP for warpage.

Ring flare.

OZ in pupilary area.

Increase OZ and/or OD.

Sudden pain on insertion.

Foreign body. Chipped or cracked lens. Contaminated lens.

Check lens for chip or crack. Check eye for abrasion. Clean lens.